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Worried about missing teeth IN YOUR PARENTS …..
feeling shy to smile…….
Difficulty in chewing your favourite food?

If you’ve ever come across tooth loss because of gum infection, tooth decay or traumatic injury, you then can relate to not having teeth. Dentures are one treatment that can help retain your eating and appearance and prevent further damage to your mouth.

Can TOOTH LOSS affect my general health?

A healthy body is secret to a healthy oral life. The Missing teeth should be replaced as early as possible otherwise it might result in:

  • Speech impairment
  • Shifting of remaining teeth
  • Inability to bite and chew properly
  • Sagging facial appearance which makes one appear older than they are.

Dentures are used as replacement of missing teeth that can be taken out and  put back into your mouth. They are the artificial teeth that enable the normal functioning of the human mouth.

Different types of dentures are prepared, depending on whether or not the patient has remaining actual teeth, the partial denture will keep your remaining teeth in position, avoiding the future difficulties affected by moving teeth. A dentist will attempt to protect your original teeth if that does not happen you may have to consider a complete denture, with today’s materials and advanced technology, dentists can fashion dentures that fit comfortably and appear natural.

Let’s look into each type of denture in detail

COMPLETE DENTURE : Complete Dentures are conventional dentures  that fit over the upper jaw and and on the lower jaw bone, placed like a horseshoe. They are removed during the night for cleaning.

PARTIAL DENTURE : Partial Dentures consists of replaced missing teeth attached to artificial gum connected by a metal framework which helps to hold the denture in place.

What is the procedure involved in placing Dentures?
  • 1

    The doctor will first take the impressions of your jaw to analyse how well they relate to one another and whether they have spaces in between them.

  • 2

    A wax model is then prepared to check the fitting.

  • 3

    Final Denture is made with the wax model.

  • 4

    The patient is made to try the final set of dentures and if necessary adjustments will be made.

Can a denture be prepared/worn on the same day of tooth removal? (IMMEDIATE DENTURES)

Immediate dentures are essential in a situation where an extremely broken or severely decayed tooth cannot be restored. Immediate dentures are served on the same day to avoid the negative feelings of being without teeth, also dentures really help the healing of the tissues and acts as a mould for the healing of the tissues and the patient will use that immediate denture for about 3-4 months. In these conditions, dental implants can replace a missing tooth but for some patients, it is financially out of their reach or possibly they’ve medically compromised and can’t have implant treatment or surgery.

What to do if conventional dentures become very loose? (IMPLANTS SUPPORTED DENTURES)
  • Implants supported dentures are a great choice if the bone height is not sufficient for fabrication of a stable denture . Based on your health condition, a denture may be placed on implants. With the help of implants, the denture is secured in your mouth, however, it can be removed when necessary.
  • The treatment begins by placing an implant in the jawbone. Then it is allowed for healing and this might last for a few months, during this healing period you may wear a temporary denture. In your next appointment, the permanent denture is fabricated by taking impressions and bite where the accurate model of your mouth is created. Using this model the perfect denture is created which fits the implant.


  • It reduces or stops the loss of bone which occurs when teeth are lost
  • The dentures are secured in your mouth
  • You feel more comfortable while eating, chewing and talking to others
  • Dentures are removable, so you can easily clean it.
  • Denture looks like natural teeth and brings a confident smile to you

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Myths about Dentures:

  • It’s difficult to eat with Dentures on – There are no restrictions on what kind of food to eat. Initially, you might be advised to intake a certain kind of diet but with time you will be able to eat whatever you wish but precautions are necessary.
  • Lifetime Solution – If not taken proper care of, the dentures may not last for long. Also, over a period they may start to wear down, loosen their natural appearance and chewing ability.
  • People might know if someone is wearing Dentures – Gone are the days when they were highlighted. The material used to make dentures is such that nobody could guess that you are wearing dentures. But if they are coming to notice then it is advised to visit a dentist.
  • Do not require proper care – Though artificial, dentures work exactly like your real teeth, therefore, it is extremely important to take care of dentures the way you take care of your teeth.
  • Can be repaired by self – Never ever should a person try the same. If you feel that your dentures are no longer fitting the way they should, do not try to get them fixed on your own as this may further damage your dentures.
  • No further visits to the Dentist – Your oral health does not include only your teeth but also gums, tongue, and tissues. Regular visits to the dentist will ensure everything is being taken care of. Also, he/she can examine the dentures and may advise if you need to change them. For more details visit Swetha Advanced Dental Care, Best Denture treatment in Tadepalli, Vijayawada.


In order to allow gums and bones to relax at night time, removing denture is advised by     dentists. Removing bottom or top dentures also allow the gum to come in contact with saliva considered good for the oral health of an individual. Get all the necessary information about dentures at your nearest Swetha Advanced Dental Clinic.

Yes, one can sleep with dentures on. But, for best results and good oral health, it is advised by dentists to remove dentures before sleeping to give space for bones and gums to relax. Since dentures cost a good sum of money, taking good care of them is important

No, dentures do not hurt at all. It is only at the beginning that patients may feel a little discomfort or uneasiness as they are not used to custom dentures in the mouth. details

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