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Are Sweets Bad For Your Teeth?

There are times when your tongue just keeps on craving sweets. We know that it is not an uncommon truth that sweets are bad for teeth. But do you know why is it bad? And what are the effects sweets are doing on your pearly whites?

Do you enjoy treating yourself to a candy bar? Or kicking back with a few lollipops at the end of an intense working day? Are you one of the many individuals who can’t resist sweets? Brace yourself and be ready for more information.

It’s a well-known fact that eating sweets is bad for teeth. After all, sugar is a known source of tooth decay. However, not enough emphasis has been placed on sugar’s connection to tooth decay. It leads to cavity formation by increasing acid production in the mouth and also by causing calcium loss in the teeth. Nature has its own defense mechanism for protecting your teeth from damage caused by high sugar content foods, but that doesn’t mean you should consume such food on a regular basis.

The reality is that a diet high in sugar and starch can be one of the biggest enemies of healthy, strong teeth. After eating foods that contain sugar, sugar molecules combine with saliva and bacteria present in the mouth. This combination leads to a plaque on teeth. Plaque can dissolve enamel, which can lead to cavities. But the good news is, these plaques can be avoided by regularly brushing your teeth.

To be honest, for you to have healthy, strong teeth, you must limit sugar intake. But if that can’t be avoided, follow the steps we are about to share.

  • Do not forget to brush your teeth! Sweets or any food you eat, brushing teeth is a must! It is enough to know that sweets are bad for teeth, same enough reason why you should brush regularly.
  • Drink or swish water on your mouth. If a toothbrush is not available, you should at least help your teeth by drinking or swishing water to cleanse your mouth including teeth and gums. Water is a very powerful thing, don’t take it for granted.
  • Floss. Flossing is as important as brushing teeth. It will help you remove food particles in between your teeth. In that way, you can make sure that there is no stuck food that will cause you dental health problems.
  • Last but not the least, Visit your Dentist. Your Dentist can advise you what are the best practices for your oral health according to your personal needs.

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